The past year of my life

The past year of my life 

     It is April 9th 2013, and I am now 39 years old. Wow, I can believe it. It has gone so fast. I wanted to share this special blog with all my friends, family, co workers, partners, and followers. It was a year to the day that my life changed forever.  I woke up an received a text message from someone I considered a son. This was a life changing moment. For those who talked to me every day, they knew that I had tried everything to help this person as well as his family. But sometimes you are better off just moving on rather than trying to understand what goes through a persons mind. The text message had a major impact on my life as well as others around me, including my wife, my best friend Preston Conyers, who had to deal with things that showed me why I love them so much. Most people would have simply said “Forget this” , and some people did. But not Preston and Nicole. For this, I love you guys……

     So, in the midst of changing careers, I was in a crisis. I received a call from Master Farid Dordar- ” What ever you need Nick let me know.”  Although I know Master Farid would have done anything to help me, I wanted to get through this on my own, with my team, and we did.  It was fun getting up every day at 5 am , and talking to Master Ace by 6 am, and then working until 6 and then going an teaching until 8:30 – 9 pm for a year. Exhausted, and sleeping on Sunday to catch up, I never felt sorry for myself. I looked at I finally got out of a toxic situation, and for it to get better I would have to take two steps back. It was hard working 80 – 90 hours per week and then getting emails from Master Farid that I needed to step up my game, and I was unorganized. But those pushes from him I took constructively and just had to work harder. I mean working 7 days a week gets hard, especially after 6-7 months, but I had to keep pushing, there was no other option.

    In January, I noticed a major difference in my school. To Sensei Preston’s credit, it was back to where it should have been in the first place. Student quality was back, children knew their material, and kids were learning. I now loved walking in to the school and feeling the positive energy and seeing parents that stuck by me, seeing that staying with Champions was the right decision. But I was exhausted. How can I service 500 Martial Arts Schools all over the world with online marketing and stay on top of my A game? Easy, I will not be defeated , it is simply not in my blood, and I have people that rely on me to stay cutting edge. I listened to a lot of music, drank a lot of coffee, and quite frankly sacrificed my health, no more time for me going to the gym. It was my only option, kind of like the first year I opened my school.

     To the people who forgot everything I did for them over the years , like giving them jobs or paying them when they didn’t work for months at a time, or supporting their family members I honestly don’t know how you sleep at night. To me someone who does not talk to their own grandmother, and or sisters, is not someone I do not want in my life. But please stop telling people that you are all about family, because you are not.  Sorry had to get that out and damn it feels good.

    Now I would like to the people that had my back, and the people I consider family. Because family is not always blood , it is simply loyal people. Preston Conyers, who pretty much hates every post I make, thank you for telling me the truth about things that no one else would tell me. We have had our differences in the past, but I think we understand that I am St. Nick, and you are the guys who no longer lets people leach off of my hard work and caring personality. I am so happy that you are making the money you deserve for being the best instructor in the world, and you will continue to grow because you have what it takes and no one does  it like you , and no one cares about his/her students like you do. People are luck to have you as an instructor, and I hope they realize this because you are as real as it gets brother. I know I am corny…..You tell me that everyday.

     Nicole, my wife, you are the reason I made it through this past year. After what I saw what you family did to you, I went into another gear that I didn’t know I was capable of. You are the best, and I love you more than anything, and I would be nothing without you. Just know that there was nothing you could have done. You were taken advantage of……..Period……I love you.

     Master Farid, Master Faird……….I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity that you gave me. When others did not believe in me, you did. I will never forget that.  There is no one like you, you are one of a kind. I will never forget when you almost killed me in your car with no air, and when you told me one of my projects was a “Disaster”.  That was classic, and you woke me up, you have help transform me from a karate instructor to an executive, and all my 14 hour trips to Vancouver are now paying off, and you know we are on the verge of something big. I look forward to my next trip so we can discuss my raise. lol. ( I know, I just need more sales)

     Ace Ramirez – My first call every morning. We have been through everything together, and if it wasn’t for our calls with each other I don’t think either of us would have made it. #KRUNATION is a reality , and everyone knows no one cares more than you.

      Jon Malach – Bro – You will never know the impact you have on my life. If it wasn’t for you, ChampionsWay would have never found me or been able to give me the opportunity. It sucks not working with you every day, but I am so proud of how you are doing, and thanks for everything when I come to Vancouver. And helping me out when I needed it. I will never forget that. By the way can I borrow your car next week? lol

       Sensei Brooklyn – Bro, you are the hardest working person and the next big thing ion the martial arts. I remember when I first met you, you were a person I knew would be in my life for years to come.  And thanks for all the SMO and Library sales.

        Chris and Caitlin – Thanks for putting up with me in the one of the hardest years of my life. But you tow are rising stars in ChampionsWay.  I know I am tough on you but you will thank me, trust me, IF I am not tough on you then its because I don’t believe in you. Sound familiar MF?

        CWAY Support – Oh god, I think you guys hate me. No one calls more than me, but you have trained me well, I don’t have to call you anymore.

         Ali – We went at it a few weeks ago, but I owe you an apology, which I will save for in person. If it wasn’t for you helping me, SMO would not be as organized as it is today. Lets get a drink, or lunch that we seem to never get when I m in Vancouver. MF- Maybe we should take Ali out…….

         Vahid, Nima and Joe Goli – Thank you guys for putting up with all my crazy requests, text messages, email and phone calls.

         The Sales Team – Thanks Kobe, Sam, and the rest of the team pushing SMO – Wait until next week, I cant wait to show you what is next.

         To the clients – You guys make my birthday with all the posts. And my webinars are for you. I am so lucky to have people actually take time out of their day to listen to me. I am 100 % committed to help you become more successful.

         To the Champions Students and parents – THANK you for Sticking by me and Champions.

         Dina R – Thank you, you are brutal truth and you stayed on me, and than you for that.

         The Champions Staff – AJ , Leigh, Chris, Angie , Dave, Nate, Matt B, Berry, – Thanks for everything you do, keep it up and make sure to help Sensei Preston you are luck to have him. He is much nicer than me.

         My Parents, thank you for all the support and bringing me lunch everyday, although it made me gain 10 lbs, I greatly appreciate it. I love you guys.

         My sister and Brother in Law Ed, I’m so excited about my niece who will be born in September. Thanks for all the Sunday dinners.

         There are so many others to thank, but that is all I have time for. It is time to help the clients, prep for a webinar, and get ready for my dinner at my favorite restaurant in the Borgota with my wife, Fornaletto. Yes, Vahid , it is Italian. But no bread tonight. In closing, I am so happy where my life is, and it is time to move on, and forget the past. My life has come full circle, and I look forward to my next chapter.

From the Heart,

Sensei Nick

12 Responses to The past year of my life

  1. This is why i choose to countine with you sir. You dont accepted defeat. You motivate the people who follow you to take their success to the NEXT LEVEL. Thanks for sharing *deep bow

  2. martialarts4u says:

    Nice writing Nick. When you speak from the heart, it often makes some people uncomfortable. Don’t stop, it’s a good thing.
    Sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations-sounds like someone you trusted and invested in left-been there-but your though the worst.
    Give gratitude-Life is Good! (or what we make it)

  3. martialarts4u says:


    This message has helped me get to know CW a lot better. Thanks for sharing and putting it out there personally. I’m happy to be on board with you guys.

  4. martialarts4u says:

    Thanks for sharing Nick,
    What a success story! I admire your persistence.
    And you brought tears to my eyes, and it encourage me to keep going…
    I’m looking forward to meeting you next week.
    I’ll be in touch to schedule one with you
    I wish you many many years of success and growth.

    Leila Carr

  5. martialarts4u says:

    Very nice post Sensei Nick! I’m sure it’s good to get all that off your chest. You are probably the hardest working man in the martial arts industry.

  6. martialarts4u says:

    That’s the way to go Sensei Nick. The real black belts fight every problems an get up an their legs!! Well done!
    It’s in the past now.

    Karma will take care the rest.

    We can speak more during the Supershow, last year we didn’t have much time!

    All the best

    Sensei Daniel Ruocco

  7. martialarts4u says:

    Awesome blog Sensei Nick, I can relate to some of the things you have gone through. Have a great day.

    Rich N

  8. martialarts4u says:

    Keep pushing forward Sensei. Champions don’t cross back over the bridges
    they made and go back with the obstacles of life, the find another way
    Thank you for all the help over the years Sir. God bless you and yours!


  9. martialarts4u says:

    Good stuff bro, wish you continued success… Happy Bday! I still remember using your info for a fake ID


  10. Farid Dordar says:

    Sensei Nick, You are the Man. Happy Birthday and I look forward working with you for many years to come. Thank you for everything you do for school owners, helping them to become more everyday.

  11. Hi,
    Thank You for sharing. No matter where you are at in life keep your head up high and continue the effort in which you have been.
    Everyone has a similar story and know you are not alone.
    Also thank you very much for the continued help you have given and please take a moment to think about all the people you have helped that you don’t even know!!!!
    Sensei Ronni

  12. martialarts4u says:

    Sensei Nick,

    I truly appreciate you sharing this blog with me. I found it: encouraging, reassuring, inspiring, and motivating. It is good to hear your story of gratitude and success thru dedication in training and in the office. Being in my first year of business, I can see thru our weekly meetings and your story my hard work will pay off.

    My studio has been open 6 months officially now, but it has been a year long journey thus far for me. A year ago, I got the word yet again I was going to be laid off due another company downsizing. This news of course couldn’t have come at a worse time for my wife and I as our son(our first child) was due any day. So like you I had to make some serious decisions, strap up my boots and get busy. After deciding to pursue my long time dream of opening my own studio to teach full-time, I knew to really be successful I’d need to surround myself with the right team for advice and support. That’s why I signed up with CWAY before I ever signed a lease for space and even opened my doors. I never looked back…..

    Tomorrow we celebrate my son’s 1st birthday. But you’ve also reminded me to take a moment and celebrate the past year of my life. So again I say….thank you.

    Best Regards and continued success.

    Sensei Antrone

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