Reflecting on Black Belt Testing

Dear Parents and Students of Champions Martial Arts:

     Last night was the most amazing night in my 15 years of teaching martial arts.  With over 30 students testing for Black Belt, the final part of the testing was sparring, which is often the most difficult.  Prior to the testing myself and Sensei Jon were talking to the candidates about overcoming obstacles. I spoke to the candidates about the story in the news this week concerning the four brothers who nearly starved to death because of their terrible foster parents. I explained how those boys overcame the obstacles in their lives. I told the students that these four children now teens are doing wonderfully and preparing for college. I spoke about this to instill a bit of motivation in the candidates.
     The experience that the candidates went through last night and during this whole evaluation and testing process will change their lives forever. Now, as parents, you see that becoming a Black Belt is a way of life. Martial Arts gives the strength to overcome any obstacle. The children have just completed something that less than 10% of people that start out in the martial arts ever achieve, Black Belt.
     I would like to thank the parents, students, and instructors for the amazing finished product- children with discipline, focus, concentration, self discipline, self control, and Black Belt spirit.  I am so proud to call each and every child a Black Belt Champion.

Finally, the card that the candidates gave to the instructors was just so thoughtful and generous. Thank you so much and make sure to congratulate one another on this amazing adventure that you have achieved together.

Respectfully yours,

Sensei Nick

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