Sensei Nick Update

I wanted to update parents of Champions what I have been working on for the past year. I was given a tremendous opportunity to work with not only the best Martial Arts Software Technology company in the world, but also to work with two of the best leaders in the martial arts industry, Master Farid Dordar and Jon Malach from North Vancouver, British Columbia.

After the past 15 years in running martial arts schools, I have been through it all. For those of you who do not remember Echo, Plaza that is where I started fifteen years ago. I was broke, and had no idea responsibility I undertook in owning my own business at 24. We built our school in 2002 and opened another location in 2005. After leaving another association in 2007 I spent a year changing the brand of my business. It was so much fun, and I learned alot from my previous experience.

Today for Champions Way the company ran by CEO Dordar and VP Malach, I am do consulting, teaching, and coaching for martial arts schools all over the world. We have schools in Japan, Canada, US, and are currently in negotiations with several other in every other country. One thing we always tell our students is to never stop growing, and I wanted to be able to teach a class and mean what I said. I have learned so much the past year and half working with Master Farid, and Jon from ChampionsWay.

I will be teaching at the CWAY on March and 30th in Anaheim, California for over a hundred martial arts school owners. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. Our instructors at Champions are the best in the world, and I mean that when I say it. I will continue to work on my leadership skills and growing myself, so I will be able to help my students reach all their goals.

Here is a link to the even if you would like to check it out-


Sensei Nick

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