The Champions Food and Blanket Drive

I have been working for the past year on some really interesting projects in regards to the martial arts. I am now working with schools in almost every state. This opportunity has allowed me to make an even larger impact to members of the community. This year we would like to have any members of our school to participate in a really great thing for people who are less fortunate.

During the past year, everyone has had a tough time with the economy. Some people can no longer go on vacation, some people can no longer get that special dinner with a loved one, and some people have been hurt far worse. Then there are those who are in far worse shape that anyone can imagine.

There are families and people in the local community who have no food or shelter. We are now starting a drive at our school that will go through January 2010. If you would like to assist or be a part of this please respond to this post and we will contact you and tell you how you can help.

I look forward to working with other people who are trying to make a difference and show the youth that giving back of the community is our duty.


Sensei Nick


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