Champions Buisness Network


Why the Champions Buisness Network

The Champions Business Network was created by Nick Dougherty, and is for anyone looking to grow their business or their career. Nick Dougherty started martial arts training 15 years ago in Marlton, New Jersey. after three years of working six days a week, the Marlton school was the most successful school in the organization. Next, Sensei Nick opened his own school in Echo Plaza in Washington Township. Many people said he would never make it in this terrible shopping center. By teaching awesome classes, using low cost marketing techniques, and by being the first school in the area to ever teach in the school systems, do public demonstrations, offer community events at no charge, his school became the leader when it came to martial arts.

After five years in Echo Plaza, Sensei Nick bought an acre of land and at age 29 built the current 5000 square foot Turnersville location. The Turnersville location is known for always being packed and having the best instructors in the area.

SenseiNick opened his second location approximately 3 years ago with the dynamic Preston Conyers his partner, best friend, and king of kids birthday parties! The school was recently expanded and is now the best school in Gloucester Township.

Sensei Nick recently started another business consulting martial arts schools all over the world. Some of his clients include former UFC Champion Matt Serra, and Kenny and Keith Florian. Sensei Nick is known in the martial arts as a true marketing master. He is not afraid that others are using his techniques and many schools in his own area have tried to duplicate his success.

Sensei Nick is starting this network for parents, students, friends and family members who would just like to get some new ideas on how to grow. We have all been to the rotary, chamber of commerce and other groups also help us succeed. This group will be different, and more effective. It will change the way you think, and will put you in contact with people you never though you could network with.

In this network, we will be working on strategies on how to grow your business through social networking, fund raising, community involvement, and most importantly technology. Sensei Nick will be showing all participants his secrets of networking and marketing, and the best part is it free!

If you are interested in finding out how to grow, and want to be surrounded by people who are positive and a re not doom and gloomers then please join us at Adelphia’s restaurant March 27th at 7 PM. We will be handing out passes, that we will be required to participate. In addition, please bring your business cards, and your staff or anyone that you feel will benefit from this network.

Thank you,

The Champions Team

One Response to Champions Buisness Network

  1. paul vento says:

    myself and 2 others wil be attending the business networking event at adelphia’s on 3/27/09

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