Champions Business Network at Adelphia’s

How is everyone? I’msorry, it has been a while. I have been very busy working on some projects for Champions. I will fill you in on them, with this posting. I will be making a post at least once a week.

1. Fund-raising at Champions-With tough economic times Champions has been doing a few things in our school to help children who would have to stop training due to the economy. We would like to thank, all the parents who have helped us raise close to $1000 for our families.

2. Hoagie Sale-For the month of March we will be having a hoagie sale that will go towards   projects as well. Please see the front desk to place your order today. The Hoagies are $5. We will be making an Italian Hoagie’s and American Hoagie’s.

3. Black Belt Testing-We will be starting our Black Belt Testing Process on April 4th. The Black Belt Extravaganza is set for July 18th at Washington Township High School.

4. Muay Thai Kickboxing Room-We have recently added new equipments and Muay Thai Heavy bags in our blue room. Make sure to check it out. Also, we will be offering a one time discount for all members to enroll onto a regular muay thai program. We are doing a free private lesson with our instructors to show the benefits of the program.

5. April Scheulde Change-We will be updating our schedule due to the growing popularity of the KRU Kickboxing Class and our Cardio Kickboxing programs. Please make sure to check out the schedule at the front desk.

6. New Champions New Jersey Website-The new website will be launced by April 1st. Im not going to say anything…Just wait and see.

7. New Champions Gear-Check it out at the front counter. Make sure to order your bags, sparring gear, student uniforms, and anything that you need.

8. 4th Degree Black Belt Test-I have bee training and preparing my self for my 4th degree black belt test under Master Farid Dordar and his wife Sensei Ingrid Dordar, both former World Champion Kickboxers. My test will be on April 7th in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

9. Champions Schools-I have been working with Sir Sean Jiminez on opening Champions schools all over the US and Canada. We currently have schools in Oregon, Texas, Ontario, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Jersey. In addition I have been consulting with Matt Serra, former UFCChampion, and Keithand Kenny Florian. Keith is fighting BJ Penn for the UFC Title this summer. In addition Champions System, sponsors Jon Jones who also fight in the UFC and recently beat Stephan Bonner. I

10. Summer Tournament at Washington Township High School-July 18-More info to come. This will be an open tournament.

Also please look to see our new attendance card system. We will no longer be using the boxes. This will go into effect on March 30th!

That’s it for now!


Senei Nick

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