Womens Self Defense Month-and 10 tips for women



Attention all women

Champions will be hosting a free women’s self defense workshop every Saturday from 10:00 -11: 00 am. If you are interested in registering for this event please call 856-740-9915. We are also available to do a free class for your entire group.

Please forward this email these tips for women to all your female contacts.

1. Most attacks are from someone you know.

2. Be carfeul with new internet groups-facebook, myspace, etc.

3. Make sure to always travel with Gas. Avoid driving on low.

4. Always change you pattern when going to work.

5. Carry your keys in your hands.

6. Travel with friends to mall.

7. Be carfeul posting adds in the paper.

8. Posting pictures as a real estate agent, be carfeful.

9.  Always tell someone where you are going.

10.  When leaving your work, ask someone to walk you to your car.

11.  Avoid parking lots the best you can.

12. Avoid wearing clothing that can send the wrong message to others.

13. Make sure not to flirt with others, it can be taken the wrong way.

14. Take some type of self defense or fitness training program.

15. Avoid bars, and drinks from strangers.

We will be posting tips all month. Most of it sounds like stuff you have heard in the past. However, make sure to review. If you send one of the tips to a friend and they read it, it can save their life.


One Response to Womens Self Defense Month-and 10 tips for women

  1. Journey says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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