Bully Prevntion Tips-From Champions

Bully Prevention Tips

Every Day tips for Children will be posted on this blog. Please make sure to print out and review with children.

Tips for Parents

1. Confidence is key-The single most important aspect of preventing your child from being bullied is to build confidence. If your child doesn’t play team sports, the martial arts is one of the best ways to do this. Children develop confidence through the belt ranking system. Another key component is the physical fitness that comes with training in the arts.

2. Not babying your kids-Parents need to prepare kids for the real world. This is done by making them stand up for themselves. By keeping them sheltered, and fighting their battles for them will only hurt them. When they don’t get in a game, or aren’t the star player on the team, make sure to tell them they need to work harder and practice. A lot of parentstoday blame the coaches and think their child is the best. Let them learn the hard way. Remember, news travels fast and kids know what’s going on. When someone see’s your mom or dad complaining, the kids have to hear it from the other kids.

3. Learning how to earn-Another important lesson is teaching your kids how to earn things in life. By being a fighter, or teaching your kids that they are going to have to fight for their success, it teaches them that life is a battle. Let them handle challenges, and adversity. Don’t just hand them everything, it will develop a spoiled child who won’t want to work. Hoe does this relate to Bullying? Because it develops a bad attitude for those who are given everything. Make them earn it!

4. Manage weight Control-Make sure to keep children involved in activities that will keep them in shape. In school children that are overweight are often made fun of, and it can be damaging to their self esteem.

5. Facing bullies head on-There is no way to avoid some bullies. This is the most important thing that we will be teaching to parents and student’s in the seminar. There can come a time where you will have to stand up for yourself. Running will make the child scared, and the situation can get worse. Again, the whole martial arts principles help instill the skills that are necessary for a child to fell confident if they are faced with a encounter. You can only turn your back for so long, and sometimes are forced to defend yourself.

I hope that you can understand that we have been working with kids every day for the past 15 years. And the majority of kids that enroll in martial arts have been bullied at one time or another. Please provide your feedback.

Sensei Nick


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