In memory of Donna Cacia


      Last week Donna Cacia passed away. Donna (DC) was one of the best parents I have ever come across in the past nine years operating my business in Washington Township. Her son Joey was one of the most talented Black Belts I have ever trained. In fact Joey was the most naturally gifted martial artists ever. Donna was so proud of Joey whie he trained. She loved that he was the best, and that he won every tournament that he went to. She was so proud of him.

     Donna would drive to the bakery in South Phialdelphia and pick up pizzas, and feed my entire summer camp every day for the entire summer. She loved me, and would do anything for me. She was so supportive, and was just the best person I knew. She always told me not to worry about other people, she told me that I was the best, and not to let other people bother me. She saw how some parents would just not appreciate what me and my staff did for their children. She told me, it was because they just weren’t happy with their own life so they were taking it out one me. And not to worry about them.

     Me, Sammy, and Donna went to the best places in the city to eat. We had so much fun. So many great dinners, and Sammy would make us go to the bakery, and give us a tour. I heard he did that with everyone, and me and Donna would just laugh at him, but we knew how much it meant to him, so we would go through the tour, and then go to dinner. 

     I was just out with Sammy and Donna last month. It was a memorable dinner, me and Sammy almost got into a altercation becasuse we were laughing and having a great time, and some guy told us that there were other people in the restaraunt. Well, Donna save me again, I was just about to get up, and say something, and she said ” Honey, he aint worth it!” I will never forget those words, she would always say “Hi Honey” and she loved that I gave her the nickname DC. I just wish all of us could just go out again for dinner. We had so many great dinners, and her and Sammy were always there for me, and suported my school all the time, every tournament, every class, and she was simply the best.

     Im not sure what our school is going to do for the Cacia family yet. But I would really like to get Joey back into the martial arts, because there was nothing more Donna wanted than to have Joey train with me, and I know this. Donna, I will go see Joey after this week, and get him back in for classes! And I will never forget everything you did for me, my wife, my school, and how great you always made me feel. You were the best! And I love you, and may you rest in peace. I only wish me and Nicole could have told you this more often. We have been thinking about you every day, we can’t sleep. We remeber the walk in the park a few months ago, and just wish we could have spent more time together.

DC, may you rest in peace,

Love Nick and Nicole and The Champions Team

5 Responses to In memory of Donna Cacia

  1. Dawn Boockoff says:

    Even though I did not not know her personally, I feel your pain and I am so very sorry. I am distrought for the people I care about when they lose someone so special.

  2. Bill Cermele says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my sister. Take care of my nephew, I always thought that martial arts was a great thing for him and was sorry to hear that he had stopped.

  3. Joann Semeriglia says:

    Sensei Nike and all the Sensei’s at Champions:

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. I met Donna a few years ago at one of the tourments, and although I didn’t really know her, when I met her, it was obvious how much she loved you and the school. Some people don’t realize until it’s too late, to say the little things that mean so much. After reading your blog, I want to take this time to say thank you for all you do, and all you’ve done in the past. Your encouragement, patience and friendship have made my journey toward blackbelt worth everything and I’d do it all over again, as long as my journey was with you all. Nick, I would never had made it this far if it weren’t for you. The obstacle I was faced with missing class here and there for a month or two at a time but you always kept me focused and determined, and always told me to never give up on reaching my goal. To continue to practice even if I wasn’t in class at the time, keep up with the material, that’s what you use to tell me and I did… and it was those talks that made me realize how much you cared, not just about me but all your students. I feel as though you guys are such a part of my life, not only as my instructors but my friends. I can’t imagine my life without karate and all you in it.
    Even when I’m not taking a class, I stop in just to see you guys and say hi, why?? Because that’s how special you all are to me and I respect all of you. You truly are “CHAMPIONS”…… I know that and Donna knew that to.

  4. Joe Cacia says:

    thank you Sensei Nick.. I appreciate your letter..its very touching

  5. martial arts styles…

    In memory of Donna Cacia « Sensei Nick’s Blog…

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