Champions Anti Bully Seminar-Forward to contacts

For those of you who have been to Champions, or who have trained with us over the past nine years, we are proud to have an event that is great for everyone whether your a member or not. Its our first Anti Bully Seminar. If you would like to register your group or your children please make sure to do so as soon as possible, spaces for the Saturday seminar are filling up, and we have just added two for Sunday as well.

So please mark your calendar for November 8th and 9th at Champions Way of Life. With two locations in the area, and other locations opening across the country we are the fastest growing martial arts association in the world. We are now happy to be helping over 300 school across the world on community service and our Champions Community Outreach program.

The Ant Bully seminar was first taught by me over 14 years ago in a elementary school in Maple Shade. The results were amazing, and the attitude of the entire school changed. I would like to send a special thanks to Sue Von Leer who was the person who booked me to do the seminar. She was listening to one of my classes about confidence building, and she said it would be great for her students. When I got to the school, I saw exactly what she was talking about, the kids were very disrespectful to the teachers, and to me. So, I had to take some chances with what I said. One student who was cursing at a student caught my attention, and I decided to make my stand. I asked if I could have a private word with him and his teacher, and we went into a classroom. I explained to him, that I was sure he was being bullied at home, and that I was sorry for what was happening to him, but that it was not going to make him better by taking it out on other people. I told him that I would help him, and would give him a scholarship program to become a black belt. I told him to fix his clothes, and to comb his hair. I said that from this day forward, you are not going to feel bad for yourself, you are going to try and help others instead of hurting them! So, after this I received a letter from the principal thanking me for changing this child’s life, over the next few months of the year he was a different child.

The point of the story is that we need to get everyone involved to make this world a better place. So please if you know any bullies in your class, on your street, invite them to this seminar. Please forward this to anyone you know, and help spread the word.


Sensei Nick

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