The hottest adult program in town-At Champions

The hottest new program around is available at Champions. It’s called Kru Muay Thai Kickboxing. I just wanted to take a few minutes, and tell you about the program.

Since implementing this program in April, the class has grown to over 60 members, make and female. The best part is they are all beginners. Me and Master Ace made a Q and A, and if your reading this email and would like to come in for a free trial class, please just respond to this email.

Kru Muay Thai Q and A

Q: What is the difference between Kru and Cardio Kickboxing?

A: Cardio is great for weight loss, basic kickboxing skills, and for the less serious kick-boxer. Where as Kru is for someone looking to learn the art of kickboxing, as well as the mental benefits gained in working on a structured curriculum. Master Ace the founder of KRU is certified at the famous Fairtex Academy, and was a close friend to the late Alex Gong. So, if you are looking for the next step and have been doing cardio for over a year, the more advanced way to go is KRU Muay Thai.

Q: How are the classes broken down in the KRU program?

A: Kru, incorporates jumping rope, push ups, and sit ups and you learn the basic fundamentals of kickboxing. These fundamentals include how to punch, kick, footwork skills, and how to hold and hit mits. All of our Kru instructors have been trained under Master Ace, we follow a structured curriculum and there are three levels of KRU. After 6 months students test into level 2.

Q: How much is it?

A: Kru training for a basic two day a week program is $119 per month.

Q: What if I want to come to class more than twice per week?

A: Unlimited training is $149 per month

Q:What if I wanted to go into fight training?

A: We offer that program as well, after completing the level one class, it does become available to the student.

Q: What would I need to do to get started?

A: Call and schedule a private lesson with one of our KRU. (856-740-9915)

So, there it is…This is the future of martial arts…And once again we are bringing it you first….Stop in and try it out!

Champions Kickboxing—–Ask about our Kids program also!!!!

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