Kidnapping Prevention Seminar-Saturday, September 27th

One of my dear friends, Master Gary Baylor from Cheshire, Connecticut told me a horrible story about something that happened right around the block from his house. For those of you who heard about the terrible home invasion in Connecticut, it was a terrible tragedy, and one that I will not go in great detail to talk about. However, me and Master Baylor and several other school across the world will be hosting a kidnapping prevention seminar for members of the community. In addition we have added many tips and strategies to help the families make sure that nothing like this can happen to them. So If you would like to have your family attend this event please do the following.

1. Register by calling the school today-856-740-9915 or 856-228-5425

2. Forward this email to all your contacts.

3. Speak to members of  the PTA about having us come to your school this year for free….

4. Make sure to bring your entire family to this event—It can happen to anyone, and we will be using two rooms for this event.

5. Make sure to come and have your child fingerprinted DNA

6. Please write a detailed description of your child today

7. Make sure to take a picture of your child every six months—-In case they are ever abducted, you are prepared with an updated photo for a rescue team.

8. Register at our school to be a member of a search party team….If someone is abducted, members of the community will meet at Champions to form a search party as soon as possible.The first 24 hours are crucial in an abduction.

9. Don’t miss this event, it can save your child’s life!

10. Call Now!!!!

If you would like to assist in any way in this seminar, please send email to

Please note all Black Belt Candidates will be participating in this event. They will be required to do 10 hours of community service with this project. Please See Sensei Nick for details…..

Sensei Nick

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