Champions trip to Vancover a BLAST!!!

If you haven’t heard about the trip to Vancouver yet, please see Debbie Reid or Kim Tana. The trip was a huge success, and we hope next year more families are able to attend. This year, Tyler and Chris Reid, Justin Tana, Ben Leusner, Leon “Never Nervous” Purvis, Jarad Kears, Sensei Jon, and myself had an AWESOME time. It started with a tour of beautiful British Colombia from Sir Sean of Champions, Vancouver. He gave me and Sensei Sensei Jon a phenomenal tour of the beautiful city.

Afterwards, we met up with Jon Malach and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver, Earl’s. It was a great time where me, Sensei Jon, Jon Malach, and Sir James of Champions had a great time and just caught up. The following day, we met all our families at the Champions, North Vancouver. Our students never saw such an amazing facility. With over 10, 000 square feet, three training floors, and full locker rooms and showers, the students were in AWE.

On Tuesday, it was the best day of my life……After camp, Sir Sean took me and Sensei Jon to the Casino, and I walked away winning 225 in 3/6 no limit Texas. Then we went back to Champions, and Master Farid had a black belt class and was kind enough to let our color belt students participate. This class started with Sensei Ingrid doing an awesome warm up for about 15 minutes. After that MF took over and worked us hard. I had to go off the mat, and go outside because of stomach problems. Afterwards, the whole group took pictures, and it was just a great experience for the kids. MF, Sensei Ingrid, Sir Sean, Sensei Dean and the rest of the Champions Team were all very hospitable to our school.

At our upcoming Black Belt Extravaganza in October, Sir Sean and Sensei Dean are hoping to make it out for the trip. And please see Debbie Reid, if you are interested in coming with us next summer. We are starting early this year with fund raising for the trip. For more information, please send me a n email and I will forward it to Debbie Reid. Please send information requests to

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