September Schedule

Please make sure to check out our fall schedule, it’s posted in the lobby. I will also be emailing everyone a copy for feedback on Monday so make sure to check your email. We are excited about some of the additions and new classes we will be offering. For more details please make sure to see any instructor or send me an email.

Added Classes

1. Monday, Wednesday—-Black Belt Only Classes-This class is only for Black Belts.

2. ThursdayBlack Belt Sparring Class

3. Tuesday-Mastery Class-This class is for Master Club members only and will be taught by Sensei Nick. This class will cover forms, leadership exercises, personal growth, community events, and will be a mentor ship with Sensei Nick. Master Club members only—See front desk for more details

4. Champions Fight Team-This class is for students who are interested in training like a fighter. We will be adding a class on Thursday’s and a two hour class on Saturday. For more info please see Sensei Morris.

5. Muay Thai Level 2-This class for for Muay Thai students who would like to learn kickboxing with contact. Please see Sensie Morris for how to enroll on this program, it is not included with the regular program.

5. Dragons Performance Team-The DPT will be coached by Sensei Jon. The new class time is on Friday’s at 4:30. If you are interested in being on this team please see the front desk.

6. Color Belt Demo Team-All color belts will now have practice on Friday nights at 7:30. If you are interested in being a member of the demo team, please see the front desk.

7. Dream Team-The advanced demo team will be coached by Sensei Nick. Practices will be every Thursday at 6:30 PM. Master Club members can practice with the team and will work on fundamentals with other Sensei’s. Dream Team consists on red/black belts.

8. Instructor Training-This class will be every Saturday at 1:00. If you would like more information please see the front desk or any instructor.

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