Champions Tournament

This Saturday Champions of Gloucester Township will be hosting it’s first tournament. If you would like to register for this tournament please make sure to see the front desk. This is a great opportunity to see where you stand. Although you are competing against others in the tournament, it is really yourself who you are competing against.

When you or your child go to this tournament make sure to remember a few things……

1. Don’t compare your progress and improvement to anyone elses. Everyone is at the school for a different reason.

2. If you don’t get scored the way you think you should, after the division is over approach a judge respectfully and ask what you can do to improve.

3. Watch everyone in your division, see how they look, how they sound, how they flow through their form.

4. Walk through your kata in your mind the night before, and then the day of the tournament.

5. Don’t waste too much energy the day of the tournament, watch, listen, and relax. I’ve seen some people get to a tournament and start boot camp training in the gym, or practice 1000 times before they go up for their division. This is a novice mistake, prepare yourself mentally by taking it easy and relaxing your mind and body until 30 minutes before your division begins.

And remember the benefits of competing in a martial arts tournament

1. Confidence-Instructors will respect students that give it their all, and go out and compete. It takes more confidence to get up their and take last place than to mot do it at all. Competition also makes you have and edge mentally versus others, it teaches you-key word “You” how to prepare both mentally and physically for a pressure situation.

2. Focus-There are alot of distractions at a tournament, waiting for you turn gives the practitioner patience, mental focus that team sports does not. Team sports build great qualities, but martial arts tournaments are about the individual performance.

3. Respect-One thing I have noticed about martial artists is they are the most respectful people I know. They always say “Yes Sir” and “Yes Sensei” when they are spoken too. In a martial arts tournament we teach to respect the judges, the competitors, the instructors, and everyone that is out there trying their best.

How to lose

1. Parents should teach learning not losing…the most common mistake is arguing with judges in front of the students.

2. Tell your child your proud of them as soon as they are done performing.

3. Record the competetion so we you can review their moves and help them make improvements.

4. Tell them you love them for just getting up there.

I hope this helps…..



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