Project Portfolio-Start it today

This week everyone who is participating in the back to school edge program or who would like to should be organizing their very own project portfolio. There are many ways that this can be done. So i wanted to take the time, and review them with everyone. Please take a look at the Q and A below.

Q and A

Q-What is a project portfolio?

A-A project portfolio is each students portfolio of all community events, and or services that he or she has been involved with since being at the school. This should include any type of kick-a-thons, fundraisers, community clean up, special demonstrations, or anything else that you participated in that was for the greater good. The idea is to keep building this portfolio through out your life. And for children, this would be great to build, so when its time to go-to college we can present this to show his/her accomplishments.

Q-What do I do with it?

A-Students can email all accomplishments to senseinick@championswayoflife.comand it will be posted on Sensei Nick’s Blog. Or you can start you own blog and then I will link your blog to my blog to help build a network of everyone that is working on this project….

Q-What if i havent done the assignent’s in the previous weeks?

A-It’s ok…You can get invloved in this program at any time, and we are always taking new members.

Also—-We are still waiting for more vision boards from all the students, so get it done.


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