Edge Program Success

First I would like to thank everyone who has participated in our Edge program so far. My Email is down right now, nut when it comes back I will be able to upload some great pictures of the vision boards that students have done so far. Off the top of my head I would like to say some of the best ones I have seen have been the Martin brothers, Dawn form Muay Thai, Brandon Butler, Connor Buckmaster or C-Buck, Debbie Canuso, and Little Richie from the Dragons class. Oh, yeh and Jules Elwood!

If you haven’t done your vision board, its not too late. Please take the time and just do it. Being a martial artist is about using your mind and body, so I would really like to see all adult students participate in this exercise.

One of the biggest challenges people face in the world is time management. So this week please make sure to work on your time management flow chart. If you need help or would like to use our chart to allocate your time, please see the front desk. One of my favorite books- “Winning” by Jack Welch talks about the 4 characteristics of successful people. And in this book it talks about the 4 E”s.

1. Energy

2. Passing Energy to others

3. Edge

4. Execution

Most people according to Jach Welch have the first two characteristics, then there is a significant drop off in 3 and 4. Well, this exercise is to show you the small secret of Edge and Execution, Time Management!

Be a person of Edge and Execution-Do all the exercises and get caught up so you have and Edge in life…..

Sensei Nick

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    Thanks for the post

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