Vison Board-Three Days left

Well, the pressure in on right now for everyone participating in the Back to school edge program. There is only three days left to complete the assignment. I have to be honest, I haven’t even started yet. I can’t wait to dedicate some time to this task. I believe it will be a such a relaxing task, and good time for me to think about my future.

I also wanted to explain the assignment in more detail. I was telling one of the parents that “Life skills” aren’t taught in school or in team sports.( I’m sure there is always your exception or special coach or teacher that does.)  Also it is or job to teach the life skills that will last forever. I am especially grateful for the life skills that were taught to me by my parents. After spending the last 16 years in the real world ( Since I was 18) I really have come to appreciate my parents. I know NOW, that my parents were awesome. And I have taken alot of my dad with me. 

What I’m saying is this is a great opportunity to teach your children, or yourself about goal setting. Teaching someone how to set and accomplish goals is one of the most valuable life lessons that can be taught. Please do your best to make it happen. The vision board should be what you see in your future. There is no pass or fail. Be you! This is the best advice I ever recieved from a close friend “Be You” . I would love to see your vison board.

 Vision Board Workshop-Saturday 1:00-1:45 (This Saturday)

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  1. SO if you get any kewl vision boards — we can feature them on the site for the upcoming book THE VISION BOARD I am writing for Harper Collins Publishing, fall, 2008 and maybe include some of your sensei tips in the upcoming workbook. js.

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