Week 1-Vision Board-Champions Edge Program

Week 1-Vision Board

In the past we have had our students fill out our goal sheets on a piece of paper. For this assignment we would like the students to make their very own vision board. This project is for everyone. Whether your in our kids class or an adult Muay Thai student, this exercise is exciting.

What is a “Vision Board” ? A vision board is your vision of where your life is heading. It’s where you would like your life to go. Please remember there are no two vision boards that should look the same. One suggestion is to cut of pictures of a dream house, a leader that you hope to become. If you hope to have a big family one day, cut out a picture of a family. Another option is to make a desktop vision board for your computer.

Be creative with this assignment and if children’s are performing this task, please provide your child with guidance but let the children be creative and use their imagination.

I look forward to seeing your vision board. Get started!


Sensei Nick

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