Back to School Edge Outline

Champions Back to School Edge Program


The Champions Back to school edge program is for children who would like to go back to school with the CHAMPION Edge. The program starts the week of June 23rd. Each week students that register for this program will have tasks and to do lists given by the instructors. The primary goal is to teach student’s life skills and success formulas that students will be able to use and implement when returning to school in September.


Life skills that will be covered



ü      Time management

ü      How to manage a portfolio

ü      Internet Technology

ü      Leadership

ü      Community Involvement

ü      Goal Setting

ü      Health Awareness

ü      Public speaking

ü      Personal Growth

ü      Confidence


Week of June 23rd-Goal Setting

a.    Goal for Home

b.    Goal for School

c.     Goal for Martial Arts

d.    Life Skills Goal

e.    Vision Board


Week of June 30th-Remeberance Day

a.    Report of “Why we celebrate 4th of July”

b.    Family time-Please spend time with your family

c.     Educate 5 people about 4th of July




Week of July 7th-Time management

  1. Map out all daily activities for the remained of summer. Please include all reoccurring taks and or activities
  2. Make sure to schedule one hour per day of reading
  3. One hour per day of fitness
  4. 30 minute per day of thinking
  5. One hour per day of family time
  6. One hour per day of cleaning your room and or house
  7. One hour per week of community service-See Sensei fro group projects that you can participate in



Week of July 14th-Project Portfolio

  1. See the front desk for your portfolio
  2. Blog-with your parents permission and supervision a blog can be created to track your portfolio
  3. Link your blog to Sensei Nick’s Blog



      Week of July 21st-Public Speaking with Sensei Nick

A.    Attend Sensei Nick’s public speaking webinar (on line seminar) as he shows you how he has become a motivational speaker and success coach and how you can too. If you are unable to attend the live webinar he will email the recorded version.

B.    Live role playing drills at the school on public speaking-How to do the announcements, warm up a class, so an intro lesson, and meeting and greeting the students of the school.



Week of July 28st-Health Awareness Week

  1. We will be doing a free seminar about diabetes awareness.
  2. Learn from the Sensei’s on “How to” to a free seminar for a boy or girl scout troop or any other local group that would be interested in a free Diabetes Awareness seminar and power point presentation.  


     Week of August 4th-The “Yes Attitude”  (personal growth week)

  1. This week all students will read the Yes attitude.
  2. On Saturday we will be doing a book review and open discussion of the book. Gitomer is Sensei Nick’s favorite author


     Week of August 11th-Motivational Quote Collage

  1. All students this week will make a collage of motivational quotes.
  2. The winner and most creative will be features on the website.
  3. We will post all the collages all over the walls of the school
  4. Students with Blog will also make a quotes section on the blog and list everyone.
  5. Saturday Workshop-45 minute session we will discuss some of the quotes selected by Sensei Nick


    Week August 18th-Confidence Week

1.    This week we will be doping back to school clothes shopping and talking about hygiene and appearance.

2.    Sensei Nick will be having Sensei Ashley the “Queen of Style go to the mall with the parents and help show what is in style and looks good for the students to  go back to school with a new image.

3.    Martino will be offering a discount for any members of champions that would like to go back to school with a new look.


 Week of August 25th-Graduation Week

1.    Friday 29th-5:30-6:30 PM Graduation Part at Turnersville





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