Life lesson of the week-The way you look

  The way you look

I was talking to a student last week, and she was having some challenges with another person in her life. And just like I tell all my students the day they walk in for their first lesson. Don’t look at the person in front of you, the person behind you, or the person next to you. Worry about You! You are the most important person in the world. This is true, because if mentally or physically you lose it, you can effect others around you. So if you can keep composure, and self control, others around you will be ok as well. In other words its all a mental game, but the lesson today is it all comes down to “the way you look at it.”

When I was faced with major challenges last year, and was really hurt by people I thought I could trust, the “way I looked” at the situation was the key in me moving forward in a positive direction. Ok, let’s break it down-without “trust” there is no way a relationship that can work in my opinion. Its amazing sometimes that I see people that are involved in a relationship, whether its business or personal who have trust issues. Be confident-Make your move! Life is too short. Of course it will hurt, but don’t concentrate on all the negative feelings. Look to a brighter future, and visualize how you will feel, think how your confidence will increase by making this move. Remember who the most important person in the world is?  

So, I needed to see how “I” would be able to move forward and move on. There would be no way I could ever make the relationship work, so I had to do what was best for me. The “Way I looked” at it was simple and exciting, it was a new beginning. I was ready to lead, I was ready to take a major risk. Now remember with the larger the risk the larger the possible reward.(Notice how I looked at RISK)  And sometimes reward isn’t a financial gain. I have run my school with ideas and programs that others would not agree with. I made some changes that I felt were better for the students. I love the Champion “Way of Life.” Unless you are in classes and understand the mindset that it gives you, you have no idea what you are missing.

Anyway, whether its a bad month with work, a poor relationship with a co worker, or your just having a bad day…..You can make the change, you can make it different. Just remember the “Way you look” at the situation will determine how you move forward. I not telling you to just get up and leave, or end a relationship. Im telling you all the information is there, and not to make a decision based on emotion. Make your decision after you have evaluated the whole situation, looked at what is really going on, and then do what is best for you!

I was talking to one of my dearest friends in the world, and the most remarkable thing is, I have only seen him 4 times in my life. But we talk, email, and blackberry message each other every day. We have both been there for each other, and he has a simple rule. he calls it he 10 percent rule. Check this.

 If the decison will effect 3/4 years of your life


 Spend 3/4 months in aming a decision.

 Use this formula-It works great!

Life Skills exercise-How often do you do this? Probably never like everyone else….

Read story and send me back what you see going on, and how you would handle the situation.

You go into work and its been a tough month. Your sales are down, you were making more money in the past and with the economy you recently took a pay cut. You might not be able to do that vacation with your family that you usually do. Everyone around you is complaining about the business and how its not fair that they also had to take a pay cut.

I would love to hear your feedback! I will send you the my checklist on how to evaluate situatios before making a decision. Then read the same story and see if your answers differ.

Sensei Nick



2 Responses to Life lesson of the week-The way you look

  1. Valerie A. Bianchi says:

    Hi Sensei Nick!
    Sales at the retail operation I manage are definitely down due to the economy. However, times like these make you heighten the level of customer service you give your customers and demand nothing but the best out of your employees. For associates who do not share the vision of making the customer’s experience exceptional, there is a door and employment opportunities elsewhere. For those who are willing to give more during these hard economic times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With regards to the family vacation situation, I have opted to do a few day trips with the children verses paying for a hotel stay or airline tickets. I enjoy reading your blogs. I feel my entire family is benefiting from our classes at Champions.

  2. Joann Semeriglia says:

    Sensei Nick:

    BRAVO!!!!! Love your “Life Lesson of The Week – The Way You Look”.

    I agree with you, the way a person looks at a situation, will definately affect the outcome. If you look at it in a positive manner, you will have a positive outcome, but if you look at it in a negative way, chances are, the outcome will also be a negative one.

    P.S. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Keep remembering all the good times you had together and he’ll live on in your heart forever.

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