Summer Schedule and Events

I just went to my blog and realized its been awhile since I posted.  We have been crazy busy the past few weeks. Congratulations to Sensei Preston for expanding the Sicklerville school. We will be updating our website in the next week with pictures of the the location. It looks AWESOME! We wanted to send a special thanks to all the students who gave a helping hand-Thank to Bill G, Sensei Joe, Sensei Ryan, Sensei Ashely, Steve Baughman, Ralph, Chris, Angie, Don,  Joanne, Nicole, Scott Cross, and the other fathers that helped out!

Please see the front counter today to get the summer schedule and summer events calendar. We have some really great events coming up, including out July tournament at our Sicklerville location. We are all very excited for this event. Please register as soon as possible! In the next week I will be updating the Blog with more information including the following:

1. Instructor College

2. CIT (Champions Instructor Training )

3. Black Belt Extravaganza Info

4. Kru Muay Thai certification

5. Community Involvement


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