Champions Weekly News

As we continue to expand, I just wanted to send an email to keep everyone up to speed.

Top 5 things going on-Turnersville location

1. Muay Thai program-In just our first month our Muay Thai program has been a huge success. If you would like to come in and try a class, please see the front desk or any instructor. We have added Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 AM.

2. Board Shorts-This is the first year we will be allowing the students to wear Board shorts. Please take a look at the front counter as we are now taking pre-orders for our shorts. Students can start wearing the shorts may 1st.

3. Kickboxing Special-Make sure to register for our summer special now. Right now we are offering a 3 month special for $149.

4. Summer Camps-Please make sure to see the front desk to register for one of our awesome summer camps. Summer Camps are offered every week of the summer.

5. Academic Achiever Pizza Parties-All students that make honor roll or equivalent will be allowed to bring 5 friends to a Academic achiever pizza party in June. Please make sure to see any instructor for more information.

Sicklerville location

1. Expanding by taking on additional store front-After the first year and a half of business, we are taking on another store front for more space and to offer more programs for our students.

2. Summer Camps this year-Please see the front desk to register for summer camps.

3. Book a Birthday Party-Sensei Preston does the best parties in the world. Pleas make sure to book your part today!

4. Kickboxing Classes forming-If you are looking for a great activity to get in shape, then try our fitness kickboxing program.

5. Kids Master Club-This program is for students that are looking to train in the martial arts more than 4 classes per week. If you would like more information about the master club please see Sensei Preston.

By may 1st, we will have out the entire summer events calendar. This will help parents plan for the summer and give students the opportunity to plan ahead so they can make special events that our schools will be offering. If you have any suggestions for any special summer events, I would love your input. Please send me an email to

Summer time is around the corner, have you tried our Muay Thai or kickboxing class, it’s a great way to get in shape!

See you in class,

Sensei Nick


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