Champions-The place to be!

We just finished our monday morning motivation meeting and as the meeting was ending the staff looked at each other and just couldn’t believe everything we have going on, and all the exciting stuff we have coming up. I wanted to take a few minutes today and let you know about some of the events that are coming up and some of the new things we are implementing.

1. Jr. MMA program-This program is for any student that would like to take their training to a more advanced level in regards to self defense. Our Jr. MMA program combines jui jitsu, muay thai and conditioning that will get your child in shape. This program is great for a child who has excellent focus, plays a sport and is looking for that extra edge! See the front desk for more information.

2. Muay Thai level 1-For our adults, we have officially launched ouy Muay Thai program. We are offering 6 classes per week. If you are looking for something more that cardio kickboxing and want to train like a fighter, then this program is for you. For those of you who missed the Muay Thai launch with Master Ace Ramirez, you might have drove by on fries mill road and saw the line to get in the parking lot. There were over 70 students in his class. Please make sure to see the front counter and register as soon as posssible as spaces are limited. Parents of students recieve a  discount for the program.

3. Community Invlovment-MS Walk- On Sunday, April 27th come with us as we support the annual MS walk at Washington Lake park. Please see the front counter to make your donation!

4. Confidence through Karate Seminar at Bowe elementary-Tuesday April 29th-9:15 AM-All demo team members who would like particpiate please email Sensei Ryan at

5. Texas Holdem Fundraiser-If any one would like to help support our students who will be traveling with Sensei Nick to Vancouver this summer, please see the front counter to register.

Make sure that if your an aduklt student and would like to train on Sunday, please remember we have an open mat from 10:00 AM -11:00 AM.

See you in class and find out who won the Essay contest!

Sensei Nick


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