Do you understand Team Work?

I wanted to take the time to give my insights on Team Work. I have been on many teams in my life. And constantly read about some of the most successful team leaders in business, life, and sports. These leaders all have one thing in common. It’s about the Team first, second, and third. This is what we must constantly remind our-self when competing, working, or spending time with the home team, our family.

I remember one of my first lessons in team work was while I was playing soccer in third grade. I wanted to play forward, and my coach told me he was making a change and made me play center fullback. I was upset, and was almost in tears. I couldn’t believe it, I had the second most goals on the team. How could he do this? Long story short, we won the game and went on to win the whole league. I guess he was right, and I was selfish.

My father also helped me learn about Team Work in high school. I was a jr. at St. Augustine and my coach was on my case and I talked back to him. We had words on the sideline, and I just told him I quit, and walked over to my Dad in the stands. When I went over to tell my Dad what happened, he gave me the look of death, and said go sit your behind ( being nice ) on the bench son, and we will talk after the game. I knew I was in bad shape after the game. Again this was another time where I put myself ahead of the team.

When I first opened my school, I felt that I was ready to lead. And after a few months, I realized that leading was something that is needs continual training. As we have expanded and as we will continue to expand team work is something that you must constantly remind work on as well.  Ask yourself these questions and identify if you or your attitude needs to go back and visit the basic laws of team work.

Check this: One of My favorite author’s-John C. Maxwell

1. The Law of Significance-People try to achieve great things by themselves mainly because of the size of their ego, their level of security, or simple naivete and temperament.

2. The Law of the Big Picture-The Goal is more important than the role. Members must be willing to subordinate their roles and personal agendas to support the team vision.

3. The Law of the Bad apple-Rotten attitudes ruin a team. The first place to start is with yyourself. Do you think the team wouldn’t Be able to get along without you? Do you secretly believe that recent team successes are attributable to your personal efforts, not the work of the whole team? Do you have a hard time admitting you made a mistake? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to keep your attitude in check.

We will be going over the Laws of teamwork in all classes!

See you in class,

Sensei Nick


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