Share the Art Week and Master Ace Ramirez Seminar

We will be having a big promotion for the month of March that we would like to get all of our students to be a part of. This week will be called “Share the Art Week”. All classes the last week of March will be dedicated to “Share the Art Week”.  Please see the front desk on Monday, we will have all passes for this special week.

All students are eligible to participate in our special essay contest “What the Arts of Champions has taught me.” Please send all essays through the Blog. We will be posting our winning essay on the website and the Blog.

Master Ace Ramirez Muay Thai Launch

Under the direction of Master Ace Ramirez, Champions will be launching it all new May Thai program in April. This will be a level one Muay Thai program that is great for beginners. If you would like any additional information please see any instructor. In addition Master Ace will be doing a seminar on Wednesday 26th from 8:15-9:30 PM. The cost of the seminar is $20. That will include a jump rope and hand wraps. In addition please make sure to bring your own boxing gloves.

I have to go, but check out the Blog tommorow for the full explanation of Muay Thai level one.

Sensei Nick

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