Champions MMA Classes-Muy Thai and Jui Jitsu


The new Champions MMA program is for adults that are looking to learn striking and grappling. The program will offer two seprate programs, a Muy Thai program and a Jui jitsu program. Studetns will have the option to train in one or the other or they can participate in both on certain nights.

Please take a look at the class times, and call today to book an introductory lesson. We are really excited about this new program. This will be for adults only, we will be offering a seperate jr. MMA program for teens and kids.

Muy Thai Class schedule

Monday-6:30PM   Wednesday-6:30PM Thursday-8:15 MMA Friday-7:30

Jui jitsu

Tuesday-7:30 Thursday-7:30 Thursday-8:15 PM Saturday-10:00 AM

All curretn adult studetns in the traditional kenpo class can train at no additional charge. Please make sure to see the front desk for our new Champions MMA Rash Guards, and Gi’s for Jui jitsu, and our new Muy Thai gear package which includes Fight shorts, camp t shirt, jump rope, gloves, and ankle supports.

Please see any instrucutor for our new Champions Fight Team long sleeve T shirts. Our fight team try outs will be the first week of May. So please make sure to train and be ready. All adult studetns please make sure to see the front counter to order all required material.

nows the time,

Sensei Nick

2 Responses to Champions MMA Classes-Muy Thai and Jui Jitsu

  1. Nicole Johnson says:

    Sensei Nick-

    The logo looks HOT in black on the white background!


  2. ekspekt says:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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