Attitude is Everything

I remember wearing a shirt a few years back that said “Attitude is Everything. And the more people I interact with the more I believe in this quote. How would you rate your attitude? Do you have a positive attitude? Has your attitude determined your altitude in life?

Today I would like to highlight people that have a Black Belt attitude. First after doing belt testings all weekend, there are a few people that come to mind. First is Bill Grayson, Bill was one of the most impressive adult students I have ever seen at a belt testing. Bill was on fire when it came to attitude. His attitude was shown when he was doing pushups, pull ups, and his sit ups. Of course the 50 push ups were hard after and hour and a half of testing. But the attitude he displayed during his test was inspiring. Bill Great Job!

One of my favorite sayings is to major in the minor things. I notice that people with a positive attitude are experts in this area. Here is a quick list of the minor things that we must major in!

1. Be the best you can every day.

2. Network with people that are more successful than you. Pick their brain. One thing they will all preach is hard work. All the people I network with are hard workers, even though they are successful.

3. Develop the habits of highly successful people-work hard, battle through obstacles, and realize that there is no quick way to success.

4. Seek to improve every day.

5. Be self motivated

Now getting back to people that have shown a Black Belt attitude. I would have to go with a great father, student, and instructor, Sensei Keith Loftus. Sensei Keith made some comments to me this weekend and displayed some great energy in the school that showed his attitude. With his entire family at the belt graduation for his daughter, he told me that the belt graduation was awesome, and encouraged me to do them more often. He said that as a parent, the lessons his daughter are learning make him feel more confident when the day comes when she leaves for college. He said he knows that she will be able to defend herself, and that the life skills that she is learning are invaluable and will take her in a positive direction. I was able to feel his passion through the phone.

In addition to his love of the program, his attitude was shown when I asked him to work with a special student. I asked him to work with this student for 15 minutes. 45 minutes later I was looking for him and I saw him still working with the student. Keith showed that going above and beyond the call of duty was part of his make up. Way to go Keith!

Another one of our great students Nicole, told me the other day that I was a perfectionist. I told her that 15 years ago, I didnt care about anything. It has been the martial arts that has changed my attitude. And talking to people like Jon Malach, Master Farid, and other dear friends that have changed my attitude.

I would like you to challenge yourself to be great this week. This week start over. If you had a bad week last week, so what. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and be grateful for what you have. Think about what you have in your life, not what you don’t have. If you read the secret, then you know its true, you will continue to attract negative energy if you focus and think of all the negatives.

I just can’t wait to teach this week. This week we will show the number one fear in all humans-public speaking. And we will show how to beat this fear through martial arts training. We will teach how to sound and look confident. One of my friends has a saying, ” Confidence has a certain look, and a certain sound.” Do you have this look? Do you have this sound? Come in for class this week, and if you don’t have it, we will give it to you!

Look for my attitude test coming mid week. Do me a favor and have your whole family take it. And send it your friends. Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

Live like a Champion,

Sensei Nick

4 Responses to Attitude is Everything

  1. Joann Semeriglia says:

    Sensei Nick:

    First …I agree “Attitude is Everything” (by the way,I have that same t-shirt, and Love it!)

    I just want to say what an awesome test you and Sensei Ryan gave us on Saturday. It was challanging, tiring, yet so rewarding. How you take the time to tell your students what you expect from us and what you see in us, how you see the determination and passion for our martial arts. And also, how you see some disappointing things. which only makes us try even harder. You are such a positive person and Sensei Ryan is just great. He goes above and beyond to make sure a student takes something positive with them from each class he teaches. I don’t know what else to say, except you and all the sensei’s are truly an inspiration to all of us. (And I will try my hardest to get that roll ((summer-saw down!!!) GREAT TEST! I FEEL GREAT!!

  2. Nicole Johnson says:

    Sensi Nick-
    Isn’t striving for perfection the best! It means you really care about all the things and people around you, including yourself. That is what I like most about you. It shows in the everyday effort you put forth. Its awesome to be around people that give off that kind of energy. I agree that all the adult students went above the top with their effort. I am glad I had the chance to sit in and support them. Bill was definately on “the ball.” May I mention that little Connor, he is too cute and displayed such leadership quality, setting the “bar” real high for the other junior red belts. (little one in the center front)
    I look forward to a great week and intense hard workouts.
    Have a great day,

  3. Bill G says:

    Sensei Nick…you are absolutely right that attitude is everything. I truly believe that the way you face a challenge speaks volumes to others about your spirit and dedication. You lead by example because you truly live each day with that attitude. My fellow red belt tester and friend Kelly once told me that anytime you step on the mat you should give 100%. Saturday’s test was incredible. Thank you to both you and Sensei Ryan for making that test an experience that I will never forget. Thank you also to Scott, Angie and Phil for being our ukees, and to everyone who was there to support us. I left that test feeling accomplished, confident and with a new goal…to be a black belt. I thank you so much for your kind words and I want you to know that I appreciate all that you and each of the Sensei’s do for us.

    To my fellow testers Kelly and Joann…you guys were absolutely awesome. The spirit and dedication that you both had prior to, and during the test, was amazing. We have come a long way together and there are times I am just in awe of you both. Kelly…you always look so strong. You work so hard and it shows…the ju jitsui part of your testing was just amazing. Joann…you have gone through so much and your dedication has not waivered at all. You were terrific!! I was honored to test with you both. The next step is black belt, and like Sensei Ryan said last night in class…our red belt test was just a taste of what is to come!!!

  4. Joann Semeriglia says:

    Sensei Nick,

    I want to take a minute to tell you how lucky you are to have such dedicated and great instructors at Champions. Last night, Sensei Joe did our adult class, he was so pumped up, full of energy and he is always like this. is warm ups alone are unbelievable. He has patience,when explaining the techniques. He actually disects them, number by number at times, so that the students understand each and every move. Sensei Joe is also great with the children, I have watched him so patiently, so into the kids class he is teaching, like he can’t get enough of what he’s showing his students. Sensei Joe is truly an awesome instructor, as are all your instructrs at Champions. You are lucky to have such amazing instructors and I am lucky to be training under you and them.

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