Dedicated Students

I wanted to take time to praise our dedicated adult students. Bill, Kelly, Joanne, Phil, Nicole, Angie, Nina, Scott and other students have been training on Sunday’s at our Sicklerville location to improve their skills and prepare for testing. One thing we are always trying to do here at Champions is to highlight any positive actions from students, parents, or instructors. And our advanced adults students are doing just that. They are creating a positive and motivating experience for the students below them.

As the martial arts continue to change and progress, one thing that we will keep in our philosophy is tradition and respect. In order to keep tradition it is important to have dedicated senior belts in your school. Our adult studetns are doing just that. They are not concerned with just getting a black belt as soon as possible. I respect our students for staying with our school when we changed names. With the change I decided to go back to the original Ed Parker material that I tested for to get my Black Belt. ALthough it was harder, I decided it was best for the students. It might be harder for the student to achieve black belt, but those who do it will appreciate it.

I alos respect the open mind of our adult students. With our school adding BJJ, Muy Thai, and other classes, it has been our existing adult studetns jumping in these classes and helping the beginners that are now walking throught the doors. It has been exciting to expand our adult program and have more adult classes. I really feel that they appreciate all  our staff in now providing for them.

I wanted to take a second and highlight a few special students as I see them transform themselves into Black Belts. First Bill Grayson, he has been getting criticized by me for the past year and a half every time he’s in my class. I have been working on his posture and his balance every time he’s in class. But his attitude is amazing, he never gives up and continues to improve. Bill we appreciate your black belt attitude!

Kelly M is another student that has taken her training to another level. She started special workouts at the sicklerville school for the adults on sunday’s. (Three hour workouts) and the main emphasis is to work the basics. Great job Kelly!

Finally Joanne S, Joanne is due for promotion this month and has been through alot in the past year. I admire the way she has faced adversity and continued to make classes, true Black Belt Excellence! And by the way, the staff wanted to thank you for that awesome dinner you made for us on monday night!

In closing, I just want to thank our entire Adult class for being great students. Keep up the great job and keep learning. If anyone would like to come in and try our muy thai class on thursday at 11:00-Give it a shot!

All the best,

Sensei N

4 Responses to Dedicated Students

  1. Kelly M says:

    Sensei Nick,

    I feel honored that you have acknowledged the dedication we feel. The motivation and drive we have is a direct reflection of you and the other Sensei’s positive feedback and enthusiasm that you give to each of us in class. Although we are part of a large class we always feel we have the individual attention that you and all the sensei’s provide for us. The integration of the new martial arts styles make us more well rounded students and feel more confident handling ourselves in many different self defense situations. It has been a hard, fun and worthwhile journey with you and the other sensei’s showing us the way and we couldnt have asked for better leaders. Thank you so much for your acknowledgement!

  2. Joann Semeriglia says:

    I don’t know what to say,…I feel great just knowing that you and the other Sensei’s have not let our hard work and determination go unnoticed. We do our best and strive to do even better.. Sensei Nick..Sensei Ryan…and Sensei Joe you are the force behind it all…you have taught me so much and not just with my training but with everyday living… I will take my training with me throughout life and with it all …I will remember….that you have taught me and your students… if you can dream it…you will achieve it….I had a rough year , as you know but through it all… the only thing that remained positive was my martial arts training…and the support of all my Sensei’s , and classsmates, and friends and the determation to do the best, and be the best I can be…thank you Sensei’s for everything…you truly are leaders and mentors to everyone……

  3. Nicole J. says:

    Thank you for acknowledging my hard work and dedication You have given me the perfect opportunity to return the “thank you.” As one of the lower ranked belts I am honored to be mentioned. Sensei, I owe it all to you for leading your school in its new direction. You as well as the other sensei’s have transformed me into a well rounded and conditioned martial artist. The mix has made martial arts both fun and challenging. I am grateful to be a part of its change!
    I owe thanks to Sensei Ryan, for his warm welcome on early morning Saturday kickboxing, awesome attitude and kenpo instruction.
    Thanks to Joe, for being a great MMA trainer. He has taken martial arts to the next level and continues to condition me well.
    Thanks to my dear friends Kelly and Bill. What would I do without them…? Kelly has been my mentor from the start. She is always willing to lend a hand and has supported me all the way! Bill, for his smiling face and support to see me through!
    Thanks to the other belts for their encouragement as well. You are all a great circle of friends.
    Thanks again Sensei Nick for your determination to always stay above the rest and lead your students the right way!

    “Martial arts is not only what you make of it, it is what you put into it!”

    Nicole J.

  4. Bill G says:

    Sensei Nick…it is an honor and a prividedge to be your student. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the training and guidance you have given to me…not just karate training, but life training. Martial arts is a way of life. You have taught us to be well rounded, goal setting students who not only come to class and work hard, but who also face life’s challenges head on. I am not the same person today that I was almost 3 years ago. The martial arts has helped give me a positive outlook on life and courage to face each day. I want to thank Sensei Joe, Sensei Preston, Sensei Ryan, Sensei Ashley, Sensei Barry, Kelly, Joanne, Angie, Phil, Scott, Nicole, Nina, Chris and all of the wonderful instructors and students that I have had the chance to work with over the years for all of their support, patience and guidance as well. My goal is to be a black belt and I have no doubt that with the support of all of you, that I will someday achieve that goal.

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