Mixed Martial Arts for Adults

nogueira_250-flat.jpgOver the next several weeks you will see alot of upgrades being made in the school. Our blue training room has been getting remodeled to provide our Adult students with more equipment and training materials as our Champions MMA program is launched. Take a look or speak to any instructor to get more info on our newest program for Adults.

Parents will now be able to train while their children are training, saving time and getting the same benefits as their children by training in a martial arts based system. We will also be offering up to 4 Adult classes per day, with signature classes to fit the need of the individual.

The MMA program will allow students to choose between the following classes

1. MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ) BJJ, Kickboxing, Judo, wrestling

2. BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu)

3. Kickboxing ( Muy Thai )

4. Cardio Kickboxing

5. Ed Parker Kenpo

And check out our other exciting news!

 In March every Thursday night at 8:15 we will be hosting “Fight Night“. Both the Sicklerville and Turnersville students are welcome to attend.  This will be a one and a half hour training class for adults. Training will include 30 minutes of Kickboxing, 30 minutes of BJJ, 15 minutes of conditioning and circuit training, and 15 minutes of cool down and watching of fight tapes on out new projector screen. Invite your friends, ask a co worker, take advantage of this fun and exciting night.

If you are interested in trying out our program, please give us a call to set up a private lesson then you can start training!

See you in class,

Sensei Nick

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  1. jim smith says:

    great material

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