Mixed Martial Arts Classes now forming

Over the next two weeks we will be working around the clock to launch our new MMA program. The program is for men and women who are interested in learning a combination of kickboxing, judo, and jui jitsu, along with other skills from other disciplines of martial arts. There will be no uniforms, belts, in place of the belts students will be wearning fight shorts, and t shirts.

If you are looking for a workout that will give you results, be fun, and learn how to kick, punch, grapple, and give you a feeling of confidence then this program is for you. We are only taking beginners in our program. We will be offering classes every night, except Friday night, and there is also a Tuesday and Thursday morning bootcamp at 5:30 am that students in the MMA program can participate in.

Please give us a call today or send me an email if you would like more information on the program. The current special for this program is 6 weeks for $99, and it includes boxing gloves. For all law enforcement members of Champions we will be offering the first two months free.

Please take a look at the times, decide that now is the time, and book your two free intro lesson’s today!

Classes Start Monday February 4th

 Monday-6:30-7:15 PM

 Tuesday-7:30-8:15 PM

 Wednesday-8:15-9:15 PM

 Thursday-8:15-9:15 PM

 Friday-7:30-8:15 PM


If you know anyone who ins interested in trying the Mixed Martial Arts please forward them this email.

Please make a note that we also offer a seperate traditional kenpo karate class, cardio kickboxing, Jui jitsu only program, and now our all new MMA program.

Send me a line,

Sensei Nick

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