Make a difference Week

This week we are going to call it “Make a Difference Week” at Champions Way of Life Sicklerville and Turnersville.  I watched both football games this weekend, and I knew that the Giants and Patriots were going to win. How? Because of team work, and having more people on both teams that “Made a difference.”

On the Giants, the Head Coach, and defensive coordinator “Made more of a Difference” than the coach of Green Bay and the defensive coordinator. On the Patriots, Juior Seau and Kevin Falk just made more of a difference than anyone on the Chargers.

What is making a difference? Making a difference is caring more, going the extra mile, pushing yourself to the limit, pushing someone else to go further, and a combination of many things that give you the inner strength to make to the top. We all have it in us to make a difference, sometimes we just need that spark to get that fire going. I am trying to make a difference in the overall energy of the school.  I’m trying to make a difference every-time I step onto the mat, by making a difference in someones life. By teaching how to have the focus to do anything you want, or to never settle for mediocrity, or to give a workout that will give you the energy to help you make a difference to others. This is how I am trying to make a difference.

This week all students and parents that are interested in “Making a Difference” can come to the front counter and get a “Make a difference ” sheet. The goal is to make a difference in 5 ways by the end of the week. Please hand it in next Monday of you wish to participate.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make a difference as a team, please send your idea and I will ask all of my contacts to help participate in the cause. I’m looking for others who want to “Make a Difference!”

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