Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever

As a full time martial arts instructor for the past 15 years I have taught well over 10,000 students. In that time I have talked to numerous students who have wanted to quit training in the martial arts. The reasons have ranged from ” I don’t have enough time” to “I just don’t like it anymore.” At times I have thought it was good for some students to move on and try something else because they just didn’t understand what the martial arts are about. And there were other times where I didn’t have the support or the push from their parents to help them reach the primary goal “Black Belt Excellence.”

Today my message is to help explain what “Black Belt Excellence ” is and to help parents, students and any other people reading this Blog to understand that “Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever.” First lets start with Black Belt Excellence, this is giving your best with everything you do. Black Belt Excellence is having the self discipline to do things on your won without being told. The little things like taking pride in everything you touch, and not having to be reminded to do the really, really hard things that most people don’t want to do.  BBX is the having the power to make it through the rough times without turning to drugs, alcohol, or food. These are the three things that people without BBX turn to in the difficult times.

BBX is doing the right thing in life, work, and relationships. We all make mistakes, and as long as we learn from them and move forward mistakes and or poor choices can happen. But how we respond, and getting back up after we fall is the difference between a black belt and a white belt. I’m not saying that you have to be a Black Belt to be successful or to to the right thing. But what I am saying is that is you train at our school, you will get the benefits of BBX.

Now, moving on to quitting and pain. Pain is when a friend let’s you down. Pain is when you lose your job. Pain is when someone close you you is sick or passes. Pain is when someone breaks their trust, or leads you in the wrong direction. Pain is when you can’t control your emotions because your angry. Pain Hurts! But, its OK! Because it will pass. With the right attitude that is. With the Black Belt attitude, pain is temporary and you will bounce back.

I wanted to list things that have been painful to me in the past year.

1. Losing someone I thought was a friend and mentor.

2. Seeing a dear friend struggle financially.

3. After a jui jitsu class that was too hours long. ( I lost 5/6 pounds)

4. When I was doing pad drills and a student punched me right in my nose

5. Seeing someone special with me getting diagnosed with cancer.

These are all painful, but I have to keep going.

OK, its time for the curse word in life-QUITTING

Quitting is something that we all have done in our life. Some of us have quit job’s, some of us have quit sports, and some of us have quit in relationships. I want to talk about the biggest regret in my life, quitting college. And looking back now, I wish I could go back in time and change my decision. Even though I have made martial arts a success, I could be even better and more educated. At the time, I didn’t listen to my parents. I was training in the martial arts and my instructor was more worried about having someone to clean the school, mop the mats, teach the classes, enroll the students than giving me the advice to back to school. Why? Because it made his job easier, and he wasn’t concerned with my personal growth. But, I learned from this mistake and wish I would have finished my education at Philadelphia Textile ( now Philadelphia University). Just an example that quitting last forever, 16 years later to be exact.

Things I regret quitting in my life

1. College

Why did I quit? Because I was bored, I didn’t like it, and I wanted to hang with my friends. Very similar reasons to other activities or things in life that we quit. I hope that you enjoy this motivation and you can use it or read it before your faced with quitting in your life.

Should I quit Cheat Sheet

1. Will it help me in Life?

2. Will it make me a better person?

3. Is my hear telling me to quit? Or someone else?

4. Is it a positive thing in my life?

5. Is someone influencing my decision?

6. Will I regret it later in life?

Hope you enjoy and send it to a friend,

Sensei Nick

3 Responses to Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever

  1. Joann Semeriglia says:

    Excellent way of explaining the importance of not quitting, no matter how hard the struggle, you must continue and keep moving forward, there will always be obsticles and hard times, some harder then others but as long as one doesn’t quit, they will always be a winner!

  2. Melissa Vacca says:

    Dear Sensei Nick,

    “Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever” is very open and honest and, as always, a positive lesson for children and adults alike. Congratulations on the success of your school, it’s easy to see why you have accomplished your goal. College will always be there when you are ready! Thank you for continuing to inspire and encourage all of the students; my son concentrates more in karate class than in anything else that he does!

    Melissa Vacca

  3. Nick Panella says:

    Hey sensei,

    How are you doing. I hope your are doing fine.
    I have read this passage from your blog “Pain is Temporary but Quiting lasts forever”.
    A very good explanation of Black Belt Excellence and why quitin is bad. I have been in your karate school for over 5 years and I absolutly love karate. I will keep doing karate for as long as a can.
    hope you have a great winter.

    Nicholas Panella

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