Why is Champions Way of Life so special?

Today I woke up and just felt AWESOME!I hope that you can use this entry for motivation and way to make your day, week, or life great. There are alot of special things going on here at Champions. You can just feel it in the air. Let me tell you why and what is going on.

First, me and the staff are just excited to be teaching martial arts to students from all over. It is the most rewarding job in the world to be a teacher, and when the teacher is motivated, the students are motivated. I am calling out to anyone reading this article to get in for class, or to start training today.

Today, me and my wife decided to help out a special girl and to become her foster parents. Its a huge responsibility, but we are here to give back and help people that deserve it. The special girl is an honor student, an athlete, and a great person. She has had to overcome tremendous adversity at such a young age. I have sat there and wondered if I was in her situation at her age what would I do. I might have just given up and blamed the world. Not her, her perseverance has amazed and motivated me to take my instruction to another level. Some people want to be helped, and are motivated to make a difference.

I was also amazed by a special person who decided to give me this opportunity to help her. This person has been a teacher, guidance counselor, assistant superintendent, director of special needs for over 30 years. In listening to him talk about responsibility, leadership, and hard work I have been motivated like when I talk to one of my other mentors Master Farid. Its so great to be around people with a driven, contagious attitude that never give up on the greater good of the younger generation coming up. This special person will be coming to our school to talk to our kids about determination in the next few months. So stay tuned, and please make every effort possible to have you and your children make this special event.

Moving on, there are alot of exciting events coming up and news that I want you to know about. We have a great way to spend time with the family this weekend, join us at the wachovia center this Saturday as our 65 demo team children will be performing on court at the wachovia center at 7:00 PM. If you would like tickets please call the school, we are offering two different packages-$15 or $30 tickets.

Let me continue and just say that everyone in town must know that our new kickboxing program is the talk of the town. Every night last week, Fires Mill Road was backed up and we had over 45 students in our kickboxing class. Students are loosing weight, getting in shape, and more importantly having fun doing it. My Boot-camp class has been great as well. We are proud to have local police officers, and state troopers taking part in this class.

And finally, I just wanted to say there is way more to come. We are having a fun night in a few weeks, a tournament workshop weekend, a tournament, a free skating party at skaters choice, a business network meeting, and look for me to be doing motivational assemblies in the Glassboro school district.

If you would like an information or any of our upcoming events or would like to set up a visit to the place to be in Washington Township please give us a call or send me a line!

Come watch us teach today,

Sensei Nick

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