Boot Camp, Kickboxing, and Children’s Martial Arts Classes now forming!

If your looking for a fast way to get in shape we have a few ways that could help you out. First we are offering an eight week boot-camp class that is every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:30 am. We had 15 in the class last Thursday and from the feedback I received it was a great success.

The boot-camp is a mixture of kickboxing, boxing, and fitness training that incorporates jump ropes, medicine balls, toning bands and bag work. If you would like to participate in the boot-camp please send me an email or give me a call at the school to get started as soon as possible.

As far as our kickboxing program, we are currently offering a six week course for $99 that includes boxing gloves and allows students to train every day except Sunday. For the class schedule or to set up an appointment before starting the program please give us a call at the school.

If you would like to get your child started in one of our martial arts programs, now is the perfect time. We are offering a free trial program that includes to free private lessons, and a free class. Our program director will spend 30 minutes per lesson showing the parents the benefits of training in the martial arts as well as giving your child a good workout to feel like a martial artist. We start at ages 3 and up, and there is no other activity like the martial arts for your child.

 Our Tiny Champions (3/4) and Little Champions (5,6) program is a great way to introduce your child or children to the martial arts. Both age specific programs are designed to teach your children how to learn, focus, and build confidence.

Our Future Champions (7-12) program is the best in the world. For students and parents that are committed to attending two classes per week the results are guaranteed. With the best instructors in town, our classes are second to none. Teaching life skills through martial arts is why our program is the best. Our students are scholars in school, leaders in everything they do, and strive for excellence in everything they do buy using the principles of martial arts taught by their instructors. Have your child become a Champion Of LIFE.

In closing I just wanted to share some of our success stories with you that will motivate you to either sign up yourself or your child. Our studetns who have gone the distance and become Black Belts in our school over the past eight years have participated in community evetns such as toy drives, C.H.O.P fundraisers, community clean ups, demonstrations at the Wachovia Center, Riversharks games, Globetrotters, the And 1 Mixed Basketball tour, Sumo Wrestling event at Wachovia, Wedgewood Elementary, Deptford Mall, Super Saturday, 4th of July Parade, Womens group of Washington Twp, Bunker Hill Middle School, Chesnut Ridge Middle School, Orchard Valley Middle School, Nicole Frese foundations, the Connor Patrick Quinn Fund, are just a few to mention that our students have participated in.

Thats it for now, I have to prep for my bootcamp class that is going to be sick tommorow.  If your up for the challange, let’s do it!

Sensei Nick

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