Make 2008 Great! Start Training next Week!

  Make 2008 Great-Start Training at Champions    I was talking to my partner a few weeks ago, and we were looking for a tag line for the new year. He said “Make 2008 Great.” “Train at Champions.” In the past two months since becoming a Champions school, things have been great. I am learning so much about the arts, business, and how to live like a champion. Most people might say, “  How different can it be?” How about “ Totally!”  We here at Champions have been working around the clock to improve every aspect of the school; the staff has never been so excited in the eight years since we have been open. We are attracting more people in the school, and more students, who are expressing an interest in becoming an instructor or a future school owner.    So the question is “How will this benefit me?” By working for the most successful person in the martial arts, we have taken everything to the next level. We are evaluated on every aspect of teaching, making sure our students are being evaluated in more detail. The quality of our students and instructors is second to none. Now, I will translate this to how this will help you. Please take out a pen and paper and write this down. Because when you write something down you remember it, and set a new goal for 2008. Okay, here we go?

1. Have your physical attributes improved in the last year?

2. How much time do you dedicate to yourself on a weekly basis?3. Has your mental attitude improved in the last year?4. Did you set heath goals for 2007?5. Have you ever made a commitment for one year when it comes to exercise and health in the past five years?6. If you continue on your current exercise plan of action will you look and feel better than last year?7. Would you commit 8 hours per month to your self if you could look and feel better every day that you wake up?8. Are you surrounded by people that are committed to improving themselves on a regular basis, and strive for excellence every day? Ok, I would say most of us probably get the point. Now here’s the plan. This is for anyone! You, your children, any family member that YOU care about.

2008 Plan on Action

 1. Right NOW. Go to the front desk and set up one free private lesson for the first week of January. Whether you want to try our NEW kickboxing program, Adult Martial Arts, Grappling, or you want to enroll a 2nd Child. Do it now!2. Be open minded and just try it. Don’t ask a friend. Do it for You!3. When you see the benefits, make a commitment. We need a year. We only want committed students. We are committed instructors to get you where you want to be. Teach your children about commitment and follow through.4. Things will get tough, you might want to quit because your busy, don’t! Call an instructor, and set up a booster class. We all need it! Just don’t give up.5. After you make to the next year. Set another goal. Some people talk about it, but most never actually do it! 


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