Champions Way of Life Black Belt Extravganza

I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate the new Black Belts. For those of you who were at the show, it was awesome! This was our first BBX, and it was  far better than any other one I have ever been too. We opened with the Champions Way of Life National Team which was exceptional. Following the National Team, we had our candidates perform their individual routines.

I received a phone call from Faye Goldstein this morning, she is the head physical education teacher at the school, and she told me that the show was the talk of the school. They are interested in having us come back and perform for the kids in the spring. It was great to recognize all the people and students that gave a helping hand. I would like to personally like to thank the following people; Joann Semirglia, Debbie Reid, Donna Levicoff, Angie Carney, Bill Grayson, Preston Conyers, Joe Hamilton, Keith Loftus, Chris Rollo, Ashley Cafferty, Megan and Melanie Schmidt, Ryan Dannenhauer, Leah Corbett, Paul Graber, Jon Brascetta, Joann Burns, Frank Baccare, and my wife. Without everyone there was no way possible it could have been such a huge success.

We will be calculating how much we will be donating to the kick for cancer later today, but so far it looks like we had over 250 people in attendance not including the candidates. Our DVD of the performance will be mailed to everyone by next week. And for those of you who never received a DVD in the past, we will send you one out free!

Please help Champions with our Kick for Cancer this Saturday. Please see the front desk for your pledge sheets.

Thanks again and all the best,

Sensei Nick

2 Responses to Champions Way of Life Black Belt Extravganza

  1. Connie Annese Reedman says:

    The Extravaganza was phenomenal!!! What a show, what performances!!! It was professionally done and exhilerating. It was also very sentimental and touching that the new Black Belts have been here for over 4 years and there is such a closeness and bond with all the Senseis and with the other students. Sensei Nick, thank you for your kind words of Brittany and Tyler and all your support, understanding, and expertise over the years, and well as the other Senseis who are all so wonderful. Yes, you’re correct that I was the most worried parent when it came to sparring, but I have a newfound respect for my children and know that they are strong and confident and can do anything and overcome anything. I am so proud of both of them. We look forward to now following the Black Belt schedule of classes!
    Sincerely, Connie Annese Reedman

  2. Don Koch says:

    Champions Team,

    I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed the Extravaganza on Saturday evening. All of you did a wonderful job both in producing the show and getting the kids ready to perform. I was extremely impressed with the talent, discipline, and focus that all of the students posses.
    I am so amazed by the differences I see in my son, Taye, because of your teachings. Your passion for martial arts has rubbed off on him, and I could not be happier. Thank you for the lessons you pass on, the discipline and focus you demand and most of all for caring so much about your students.

    Don Koch

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