Champions Way of Life Grand Opening

Champions Way of Life will be hosting its Grand Opening on Saturday, November 24th. This will be a great day for everyone to come in and see the great things Champions will be offering that were not offered in the past. Some of the exciting updates include the following; We will be teaching the students more about respect, we will be requiring all students to Bow when they enter and leave the school. Black Belt Testing will be more challanging, and more individual attention will be provided for the candidates.  We offer a 3 month training bootcamp at no charge to make sure all candidates know exactly what it means and what it takes to be a Champion Way of Life Black Belt. 

We will also be providing more options to the students in the Martial Arts. We will be offering a Ed Parker Kenpo Karate system for the serious Kenpo student. One of the best additions for our students will be our new Kickboxing program. It is a complete system that can take you to Black Belt as well, this system has been taught at the most suuccesful school in North America for 25 years and has produced many Champions in the Martial Arts as well as life. We will still be offering our aerobic kickboxing classes, but will also be adding more serious and more effective training that has been taught to us by Champions.

Another option for our students will be our BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu classes), this class will be optional and will not be required to reach Black Belt. It is however highly recommended by our staff. Please see any instructor for more information.

The Master Club and Black Belt Club members will be given new uniforms at no cost. Our programs will also we upgraded to provide more for the students.  All Master Club members will be given an addtional 15 minutes of training on certain days begining in January.

Another exciting addition will be our Champions Way of Life Tournament Team. Any student that is interested in competing in our Champions Way of Life Circuit, should see the front counter for more detailed information. Sensei Jon, will be the coach of this new team. Sensei Jon will be teaching tricks, weapons, musical forms, sparring, kickboxing , and BJJ along with myself.

Another addition will be our exchange program, that will be offered this summer. Students that wish to visit and train at Champions in Vancouver can travel with parents ot one of the most beautiful cities in the world and train at the school for an entire week while growing as a person and working with world champions.

To give everyone the vision of where Champions is heading in the future, we have nothing but goals of a Champion. We will launching the National Franchise Campaign in the next few months. Our goal is to be the most succesful Martial Arts Franchise in the world. The unique thing about our team is our two major goals for all Franchises-Quality of the students, and reputation of the school. All school owners will be go through a qualifying process, we will not be taking anyone, only Champions in Life.

We would like to thank everyone for their support, we have recieved many emails and phone calls in regards to the new logo, and the new look of the school. We appreciate all the feedback, and we look forward to making you a Champion in the Martial Arts, and in LIFE!!!!

Some letters from the students

Hey Sensei,

   I just want you to know how much of an impact you and your staff have made on Shane. His level of focus has grown so much in the last 18 months that it is amazing! His desire and drive to be the best that he can be is something that Kathryn and I always fostered, but the martial arts, along with the positive attitude, professionalism, and support of you and your team has made him even more determined. Shane and I went out early Monday morning and had a celebratory breakfast. I was not able to attend the tournament this weekend  as I had to work and wanted to let him know how proud I was of him. I reminded him that as he progresses in martial arts, as well as in life, that there will be tougher tests that he will have to endure. Yet, with drive, determination, spirit, and support, the only person that can ever stand in his way is himself. Shane made it very clear that he will not let anything or anybody get in the way of what he wants to do. As parents, we tell our children how much we love and care for them and that we support them no matter what. In martial arts, Shane knows we are there for him, but thanks to all of you, I feel that he knows that you are also. I thank you and your team for all you have done for our son and the other children in the school. I wish you the best with the reformation of the school and your future. See you at school and take care.

                                                                                                        Ed Rojas

Hello Sensei Nick

Lauren had a great time at the Halloween party to night. Thank you so much. I really love that you organize these activities for the kids. It makes it so much more than a regular karate studio!

I can’t wait to see the upcoming changes you are making-the wood floors, the new logo, etc. I am very excited for you! The kids will continue to learn all the positive values that you and the other sensei’s are teaching them in a new environment, not just in class, but by your example.

I am so glad that we came back to your studio, and I continue to offer support & wish you much success!

Happy Halloween!

Barbara Gini

2 Responses to Champions Way of Life Grand Opening

  1. Justin Tana says:

    Sensei Nick,
    Please forward the information regarding the Champions Way of Life Tournament Team. Justin likes to participate in tournaments.
    Thank you,
    Kim Tana

  2. Sean & Dawn Armstrong says:

    Hello Sensei Nick.

    We wanted to let you know the difference we have seen in our son Zachary since starting at your school.
    The last 2 years were really tough for Zachary in school. He was classified with an IEP. We were told how easily distracted he could be and how inattentive & hyper he was. Additionally, his social skills were not where they should be. On top of that, he was behind in academics – we did found out he has a learning disability in which we are working with the school to overcome.

    But we have seen a tremendous difference in Zachary’s attention span – he is much more focused on tasks at hand. His confidence level and social skills have also improved greatly. His positive attitude is always shining now.
    His focus has helped him in school and he is doing a great job this year.

    We attribute much of this to your martial arts school. You & your team are wonderful and do such a great job teaching and working with the kids. We thank you for that.

    What started with a 6-week trial then grew into Black Belt Club membership & has been a rewarding experience for all of us. We look forward to all of the new changes at the school & Zachary’s continued successes. Thank you again.

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