Giving back to the community

One of the most important things our staff is expected to do is to give back to the community. Without the surrounding community, there would be no local small businesses. We are currently working with a Senior girl scout who is a great role model for children in the community. Her name is Katerine. I would like to thank Kateherine for giving us the opportunity to assist her in a great community project. Katherine took it  upon herself to help a boys halfway house to see what activivites they could participate in besides selling drugs, and continuing on a path that would have them incarcerated.

Here is the letter that she sent to our staff!

Dear Nick,

I would once again like to thank you for your martial arts workshop with the boys from the YES facility. Karate on my evaluation form was overwhelmigly voted the most popular activity of the week. So many of the teens gained knowledge of new ideas, bulit confidence through their acomplishements, recieved exposure to a world previously unknown to them, and enjoyed a compltely new and different activity.

Not only have you helped these teens learn and grow, but also you have helped me learn and grow as a person as well.  This whole experience of running camp  IMAGINE at the shelter has allowed me to gain insight into orgainization and logisitical skills. No other experience would have presented such a rewarding  challange to me.

Thanks again for all of your help! My girl scout Gold Award project would not have happened without your contibution and support!



2 Responses to Giving back to the community

  1. Matt Everett says:

    That was really cool how Katherine helped those teens learn to do something else besides sell drugs. It was fantastic how they are doing karate and I think that was very nice of her to do that.

  2. Barbara Gini says:

    Sensei Nick

    I am so glad that you were able to provide this important experience for those boys-I knew it would be a positively motivating experience for them, largely due to your energy, enthusiasm and motivational philosophies. They all spoke very highly of you and your class the day that I was there.

    Hopefully you will held up as an example and inspire others to follow your lead and get involved in community projects such as this.
    Everyone has something to offer someone, and we just have to be willing to offer it.

    Barbara Gini

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