Women’s Self Defense Month

The second week of July I did a women’s self defense seminar for a women’s group in Washington Way Apartments. I asked one of my adult students to attend, and assist with the seminar. After the seminar , he was so excited by the feedback we received that he was coming up with some great ideas on how we can take this to another level and reach out to an even broader audience.

During the month of September, we will be hosting free women’s self defense seminar’s at our location. We will be offering our services to local businesses, residents, students, and former students. Please post any questions that you may have on self defense, or questions about how we can do a free seminar for your group or business.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Sensei Nick


3 Responses to Women’s Self Defense Month

  1. Thomas Flint says:

    Thank you for offering the self-defense class(es). That’s a great idea.

    If you haven’t thought of it already, the W.T. Police might have resources to help with it – pamphlets, curriculum, or even officers to help demonstrate.

    Will it be a short series of classes or one session?

  2. Ms.Derenzo says:

    In responce to the womens self defense month this is a great opportunity for all women to join it will help YOU defend your self if you are ever in a mall ,parking lot or just your locale store and are robbed even worse held buy knife point. this seminar will help alot of women out thier that they can DEFEND them selfs in some situations.
    I will take this course again just for more practice and knowledge of the self defence class I highly recommend this class to everyone! You never now if you will be a victim.
    thank you!
    sensi Nick for this knowledge and experience!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I think this is a great idea! Would you have the seinar’s in the morning and at night for those of us who work? I hope so. Thanks for doing this Nick!!

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